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PWeather Plus: Now in Beta! 02-03-2015

Update! I'm ready to have you test PWeather Plus! Contact Me to send me an email and I'll get you set up. You will need an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) with 8.0 installed because this will be done using Apple's Test Flight system.

PWeather Plus Ta-da! Behold, the new and improved PWeather Plus iPhone AND iPad app!! While it may not look new when you start up the app, a lot has changed. Firstly, the weather fetching is more reliable and faster than ever. In fact, it is so fast that I delay the outcome by a few seconds to give you time to read each character's dialogue. Next, and this may not mean much to you, but the error reporting that I get is more useful so I can debug things quicker and put out fixes more timely. Now, before we leave the main home screen of the app, let's look at what happens with every full moon. PWeather Plus Yup, there's someone special to greet you! Actually, all members of SEES (that I like, anyway) will greet you on Full Moon days. And just in case you didn't notice, the app theme changes to match accordingly. They only appear on days with a full moon, so if you want to say hello, be sure to check the weather when there moon is out (or every day if you don't know when that is). PWeather Plus When you click on the S.Link button, you'll have stats on your current character. As you can see, this character has visited us 80 times and we've had 11 successful dates. 'What's that? Dates?' Yup! You can now 'date' the characters!! You can ask each character on a date (initially once an hour) and depending on your Social Link with them, you might have the Perfect Date or a total disaster. The more you visit a character, the higher your Social Link and the higher your chances for romantic success. But, let's get back to that whole "once an hour" limit. To prevent spamming of dates, you will need to work on your stats so that you can ask for dates more frequently. To do that, you need to play some games. PWeather Plus I don't know why either, but there are indeed simple games in this weather app. Right now, there's only two; Tic Tac Toe and Pong. However, I hope to include a simple running game and maybe a few more like Black Jack or Connect Four. If you win these games, your stats improve and you can ask for dates more frequently. If you lose, your stats decrease. PWeather Plus Now, as for the status of things, here's where we sit. The iPad version is missing some stuff, noticeably the games. Those shouldn't be too difficult to add as they are basically me tweaking the user interface. Secondly, I want to add Achievements back in (all the previous ones and a few more) as well as those games I mentioned earlier. These will take more time. Then, there's the whole soundtrack problem. I don't want to include tons and tons of songs last time since it just bloated the app's size and made it impossible for people to update over cellular networks. As a result, I'm going to limit things to 10 or so songs. I'll be taking suggestions, but don't feel bad if your song doesn't make it into the app. Also, the app currently only uses Location Services, so you can't check other locations like the old app. This will be something that needs to be in when I release it. Honestly, there's a lot missing from the app right now because I rewrote a lot of it to make it work better and faster. But, that's the status update of the app. So, I need two things from you all. First, give me those soundtrack suggestions. Secondly, start thinking of features you want in the app. I know it's hard to think of things you want, but those five screens should tell you enough about the app to get you to see where I am going with it. And, as always, I'm glad so many of you liked the first version. I hope you like this new one as well. Thanks!